Cleaning White Vinyl

Hey everybody!

Getting closer to that time we can start to pull out the vinyl gardens, chairs, etc., from storage. 

With spring just around the corner, I’m preparing my gardens for the season, a task that is oh so satisfying.  What’s better than having a fresh, clean, ready-to-plant garden?

Today, I’ll show you the best way to clean your white vinyl planters. I will be cleaning my Classic Cambridge Elevated Garden because wow does she ever need it. It’s so funny how the dirt and mess accumulate throughout the year, but you never really notice (or care) until you’re starting fresh!

Thankfully, our white vinyl garden beds are generally maintenance free, and super easy to clean! The only thing I needed to complete this was a pail of water, some gentle dish soap, and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

I simply wet the Magic Eraser, and let the cleaner do it’s work. You will want to be sure to have a rag nearby to dry it with so that you don’t get water stains all over, but the difference it made was INCREDIBLE!
There are a number of other products that you can use. There are great options such as Simple Green’s degreaser that is commonly used to clean outdoor furniture, it is also environmentally friendly and gentle on yourself, and your products.

Another option for those stubborn stains would be Bar Keeper’s Friend, it has a slightly abrasive substance that shouldn’t harm the finish on your products. If you have an extremely stubborn stain that doesn’t want to come out, a last resort option would be to use water with sandpaper and very gentle massage the area in circular motions so as not to disturb the finish, but get into the nitty gritty of it.

Most of the time, you can simply use a hose, but if you’re living in an apartment like me then you’ll want to make sure to pick one of the cleaners we discussed above.

The difference that a good cleaning can make is astounding. It looks brand new and it didn’t take that much time out of my weekend either! Now, I can get to the really fun part of spring...... planning my garden.