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Mezza 18x30 Sprout FarmMezza 18x30 Sprout Farm
Mezza 18x30 Sprout Farm
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Mezza 22x35 Herb FarmMezza 22x35 Herb Farm
Mezza 22x35 Herb Farm
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Mezza 30x40 Veg FarmMezza 30x40 Veg Farm
Mezza 30x40 Veg Farm
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Rosewood Planter with TrellisRosewood Planter with Trellis
#color_Espresso Brown#color_Slate Gray
Springport ArborSpringport Arbor
Springport Arbor
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Springwood ArborSpringwood Arbor
Springwood Arbor
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Ridgewood TrellisRidgewood Trellis
Ridgewood Trellis
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CLASSIC 2x4x11 Garden BedCLASSIC 2x4x11 Garden Bed
Collingwood ArborCollingwood Arbor
Collingwood Arbor
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Classic Small Parklette PlanterClassic Small Parklette Planter
Classic Large Parklette PlanterClassic Large Parklette Planter
Regency Trellis Regency Trellis 
Regency Trellis 
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Wildwood Cedar Privacy TrellisWildwood Cedar Privacy Trellis
CLASSIC 8x12 Keyhole Composting GardenCLASSIC 8x12 Keyhole Composting Garden
Mezza 12” Cube PlanterMezza 12” Cube Planter
Mezza 12” Cube Planter
In stock
Mezza 22” Cube PlanterMezza 22” Cube Planter
Mezza 22” Cube Planter
In stock
MEZZA Small Parklette PlanterMEZZA Small Parklette Planter
MEZZA Large Parklette PlanterMEZZA Large Parklette Planter

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