Grow Vegetables Right in Your Apartment
The question we are always asking at Vita is how can we get fresh, organic, home grown vegetables into the hands of ordinary everyday people. Not everyone has the space or knowledge to grow their own vegetables. Also between family, friends, kids, work and socializing, there’s not a whole lot of time for much of anything else – let alone grow food. But what if all these factors did not matter? What if you could grow food indoors, 365 day a year? The World Garden is a self-watering designer garden that allows you to grow fresh food right from your own home, apartment, or back deck. It’s basically a vegetable garden in your home, without the mess and responsibilities of outdoor gardening. Your vegetables will no longer have to travel 24,000 kms to get to your plate. You can pick them right off the vine yourself! Pluck juicy tomatoes for your omelette or pick fresh mint leaves for your mojito. The World garden is changing the way people think about gardening and more importantly food. Watch the World Garden in action