Unboxing the VAXA Self-Watering Planter

If you are an avid houseplant lover like I am, you likely have criteria for purchasing a pot that you would like to use in your home.  The VAXA Self-Watering Planter checks off the top 3 conditions I must have when buying a planter pot for my space. 

First and foremost, it's lightweight; When shopping for a pot, I prefer to find pots that are not too bulky or heavy. I like simple and clean lines matched with a weight that I can carry once it is filled with soil and a houseplant. I enjoy moving my plants around and styling my home with them so manageable once additional weight is added is part of the criteria. 

Second condition and most importantly when purchasing a planter pot…drainage. I cannot stress this enough! Now unless you know exactly how much water your plant takes and how often to water it, I strongly recommend avoiding planting a houseplant into a pot without drainage as it is just a recipe for a root-rot tragedy. Luckily, this planter prevents over or under watering with the handy water gauge feature and the drainage plugs that allow you to remove any excess water ensuring happy roots! 

Finally, the planter pot must be stylish. It has to “go” with my room décor. I marvel at the way houseplants can enhance a room by quite literally breathing life into it. The bright pops of green foliage and the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, it is all just so lovely. I think it is important to compliment a houseplants lush beauty with a stylish pot that makes it look even better. The VAXA can spruce up any living space effortlessly and lessen the “how do I keep this alive” anxiety that surges all of us when bringing home that special houseplant you just could not live without!

The VAXA is so easy to put together; The parts are visible right from the moment I opened the box, and the instructions are easy to read. I really appreciate the innovative reversible feature that you can use the bamboo stand in to vary the height which gives you more plant styling options. I repotted my favorite Ficus Altissima tree and because it is a taller plant, I opted for the planter to be closer to the floor. The drainage plugs are detectable and easy to use. There is a sub drainage plug which allows access water from the basin to drain out into the shell, and a main drainage plug which is red and needs to be taken out when using outdoors where watering is not always predictable. The watering gauge is straightforward to maneuver and works terrific, it really provides a sense of confidence and “know-how” when watering and caring for your plant.
When potting in this planter, I recommend using a medium to large size plant with a larger root ball, something that will still have room to grow but also with well-established roots so they can properly drink up the water as the planter intends. Should you be starting with a smaller plant/root ball, you may have to water directly into the soil from the top for a few weeks while your plants roots grow and fill out their new home. Use a good breathable potting soil, something with a peat moss and vermiculite or perlite mix to promote happy root growth.

This modern planter is perfect for any novice or expert houseplant devotee. It is simple to assemble, and it makes houseplant care an effortless and fun hobby to have. You can find it readily available on www.wearevita.com I welcome the days of plant care that looks this good!

Happy growing!