Yes, our pergolas require the purchase of additional material for installation including pressure treated wood.

Depending on your chosen installation method you may also require the Vita brand Bolt Down Bracket System for surface mounting on a patio or deck.

Each product page for our pergolas will list the required additional materials and this list may change depending on how you choose to install your pergola (in-ground or surface mount).

Please review the product page and instruction manual for specifics on the additional materials needed for your pergola.

Yes. The wood required for installation is a key component to creating a safe and secure pergola. It is the foundation of your installation and the most important part. All of our pergolas have been tested using our tried and true installation methods and we find that completing all the steps precisely as described will make for the longest lasting and most secure installation.

When properly installed, our pergolas will last 20+ years and have a wind rating of up to 150 mph.

Failure to add wood to your pergola will void the product warranty.

All of our pergola models have been tested exclusively with our Vita brand Bolt Down Brackets in use and changing this installation method will void your warranty.

Our brackets are designed with three walls instead of two to create security in your installation and assists with preventing sway. Our brackets are designed to sit flat on your patio or deck and will fit perfectly inside of our vinyl post sleeves and will not be visible once installed.

We do not recommend using an off-the-shelf bracket to install your Vita Pergola.

Pergolas that are installed according to the steps in our instruction manual should have very little sway, an inch of movement in either direction is considered typical and well within tolerances.

Those that have installed their pergola using our Bolt Down Bracket system, may see slightly more sway than an in-ground installation and it's for this reason we call for wood shims to be installed when surface-mounting to reduce this as much as possible.

If you have concerns about your pergola installation or just need a second set of eyes on your project, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Vita does not recommend that you install your pergola on top of paving stones. Paving stones are often installed on tight-packed sand or gravel and left unsecured. Installing your pergola on paving stones can cause your pergola to lift in the wind (or sink lower into the ground) and can cause damage to the pergola and surrounding area.

The only recognized installation methods we support are: 1) securing the wood post directly into the ground with quick-drying concrete or 2) using our Bolt Down Bracket System to secure the posts to your poured or stamped concrete patio or to a deck with an accessible underside.

In areas where paving stones are already installed it is recommended that you remove the paving stones, install the posts according to your instructions first and then re-cut your paving stones to fit nicely around the post after installation.

Damage to a pergola installed on paving stones will not be supported under the product warranty.

Regrettably, we do not provide installation services for our pergolas. Our kits are thoughtfully designed for easy self-assembly, with the necessary tools, materials and estimated timeframe conveniently detailed on the product page. If you need assistance with pergola installation, we recommend finding a general contractor who can help bring your project to life.

Regrettably no, all of our models are designed and packaged in advance and cannot be customized. Our pergola models can be made smaller by cutting the vinyl proportionally across the design, please reach out to our customer service team for specific advice on how to reduce the size of your pergola model.

Our pergolas come with two different options for installation, both of which are considered semi-permanent. Our pergolas are installed either in-ground with cement footings or by using a Bolt Down Bracket to surface mount to your deck or patio. Please note that all of our pergolas require assembly and the time and amount of people required to do so will vary; specifics on the time and materials are listed on the product page for your pergola under the "Specifications" tab.

Yes, it is possible to install two pergola models side-by-side depending on the model. In some (but not all) cases your pergolas may be able to share a common post; please reach out to our customer service team to identify the best model for your project and space.

In our experience, most HOAs or Home Owner's Associations will support the installation of our products if the proper documentation is provided in advance. Our product pages and instruction manuals will offer you everything you need to support an application or review with your HOA.

For pergola installations, using the instruction manual, photos and a copy of our Wind Rating Calculation document is enough to secure a permit with your local office.

Please reach out to our customer service team if you need a copy of this calculation to support your application.

Our louvered pergolas are designed to open and close to a 45 degree angle allowing you to direct the sun and shade according your needs. The louvres will remain open to allow wind, rain, snow and weather elements to pass through safely.

We do not recommend adding a roof or any materials to create a roof on your pergola as this can create wind-lift and damage your pergola as well as add potential stress and weight with the accumulation of snow.

Adding a roof to your pergola will void your product warranty

Most quick dry concrete will start to harden between 20-40 mins and will be fully cured after 24 hours. Please review the manufacturer's recommendations on your quick-dry concrete before starting your project.


Our pergola models come in pre-designed sizes but they can be made smaller by carefully cutting down the vinyl parts. While Vita cannot offer advice on your specific design plan we do have lots of great tips and best practices we can offer you if you decide to give this a try. Please note, at this time it is not possible to add parts and pieces to a smaller model in order to expand it, you should consider purchasing a larger model and reducing from there instead.

Yes, our pergola extension kits allow you to increase the height of your pergola by up to 36".

Adding additional height to your pergola requires you to extend the length of the pressure treated wood post respectively.

You can also decrease the height of your pergola by trimming the vinyl post to your desired height. In this case, you should also reduce the length of the pressure treated wood post inside.

Posts cannot be removed from a pergola. There needs to be a supporting post at leaset every 12 feet. Posts can be moved to accommodate obstructions such as stairs or windows, but the distance between posts should not exceed 12 feet.

½ shims are usually available at your local hardware store. If they are not available an easy alternative is to use a ½ sheet of plywood. This can be cut into strips and used as shims for your pergola posts.


Our available accessories are designed specifically for Vita products and we do not recommend adding off the shelf pieces to your Vita kit as we can't guarantee that they will be compatible for various reasons.

Please check the individual accessory pages for information on product compatibility.

In general, we don't recommend adding additional items such as hanging baskets, swings, or heaters.

Lightweight ceiling fans or light fixtures can be added provided they are not heavy and will require some modification to your pergola.

Vita will always only recommend that you install our products with the proper accessories but if you have a modification question, please contact us.

Please also review our General FAQs on product modifications for more information as well as our FAQ on warranty coverage.

Yes, if you need flat caps to replace the decorative end caps on your pergola, you can order those from us directly by submitting a contact form to our customer service team with your request.

Most of our pergolas will require a 2 x 6 flat cap but we also have 1.5 x 4.5 available.

If you are looking for additional shade options for your Vita pergola, you can purchase an additional shade kit or canvas weave accessory.

Privacy curtains or sunshades can be added to the sides of your pergola if you wish and are purchased separately.

We recommend the shade hardware be installed directly into the posts connecting securely into the pressure treated wood inside.

It is not recommended to install a BBQ, firepit or heater under your pergola as the heat will damage your product.

While this isn't a mandatory step in the maintenance of your pergola, some customers will remove the canvas weave or canopy from their pergola in between seasons.

Depending on the weather in your area, storing the fabric over the winter can extend it's lifespan and can help prevent environmental damage, staining or accumulation of mildew. Rinsing with a garden hose is usually enough to maintain in between seasons but they may also benefit from a light scrub with a plastic brush.

If needed, you can use the same environmentally friendly cleaner that you would use on any of your outdoor furniture.

Please make sure the canvases are completely dry before storing and it's best to roll your canvas carefully to prevent creasing.


When installed according to the assembly instructions our pergolas have been tested with a wind rating of 150 mph (based on an in-ground installation of a 10x10 pergola). Please reach out to our customer service team if you need a copy of this calculation.

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