Modular Garden Beds
There is nothing more satisfying than customizing things to make them your own. It’s even better when its simple and DIY friendly!

The garden is no exception and with Vita's garden beds, it’s easier than ever to customize your garden in the way that suits you, your space, and your plants best.

Gardens from all three of our collections (Classic, Urbana & Mezza) are designed with unique modular posts that allow you to connect multiples and configure them in your own custom size and layout. And the best part is: no tools needed! Keep reading for a quick and easy guide.



If you have TWO 4' x 4' garden beds, you can join them together to create one large 4' x 12' garden bed - this way you gain 16 extra square feet of space!
If you want to expand even further, here is an option for connecting FOUR gardens.
Ok, now let's assume that ambition is part of your gardening personality: Here is an example of a layout using SIX garden beds.


And of course, the options are endless! Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and imagination!

Please note that if you do choose to expand your garden beds, we do recommend reinforcing the posts with rebar to keep them in place once filled with soil. You can use 1/2" rebar and slide directly through the center channel of the post - top it off with the post cap to neatly hide it way.


And that's all there is to it! Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


Until next time,