Vita Arbors, Weddings and, You

Vita Arbors, Weddings, and You


Spring, gardening, décor, new beginnings, and LOVE. It’s all in the air, can’t you feel it? As we transition into the spring season with high hopes and aspirations, we invite you to come along with us as we explore Vita’s collection of arbors and how they can not only enhance your upcoming wedding but also how you can take this beautiful and personal keepsake home with you at the end of the day and enjoy for years to come.  


Every couple planning for their big day wants to make sure the occasion not only looks special but offers lasting memories of their commitment to each other.  When it comes to Vita arbors, we can offer that beautiful backdrop that makes the happy couple the main focus of the event and defines the space in a dreamy and romantic way. Imagine a beautiful crisp white arbor with roses cascading down the sides to frame the happy couple or maybe you prefer an earthier rustic aesthetic using a cedar arbor with linen draped gracefully over the top? Whatever you’re looking for we are delighted to present to you our best tips to help you turn your dream wedding into a breathtaking reality.



Generally, our arbors are meant to be installed directly into the ground using the ground stakes included in the kit; this can be done either as a temporary or permanent installation. However, we know that not everyone is going to get married outside so here is how you can make this work based on your chosen wedding venue:


For a temporary installation you have a few options depending on the flooring surface you have available at the venue: 


  1. If you are installing the arbor outside on the grass, simply mount the included ground stakes directly into the ground using the ground stakes we provide - this offers a secure mount for the arbor but it's easy to remove later, simply pull the arbor out of the ground when you want to move it.  If you have chosen a larger arbor, you may need to use pressure treated wood instead for more security - refer to your instruction manual for the best method.
  1. For installation directly onto a deck or patio consider buying an off the shelf mounting bracket from your local hardware store - this requires that you use screws into the floor to secure the bracket.
  2. If you would like a temporary option that does not require you to fasten the arbor to the floor you can build a simple base out of wood and use this to secure the posts of your arbor.



Vita’s temporarily installed arbors.

Assembly is quite simple. When following the instructions for temporary installation, the task can be completed within 1 to 1.5 hrs. When using the temporary installation method, holes will need to be dug for the 4 posts. These holes are only 10” deep and backfilled with the soil/dirt that was removed. This allows the arbor itself to be stable enough to last the day and have no worries of collapse or tipping. See instructions below. With this method, when dismantling, the footprint is minimal where growth can still occur with non-lasting blemishes to the ground.


With any option you choose, remember that you can add additional plants or decor surrounding the base of your arbor to not only hide the base but to add even more romantic touches to the display.

Not only will the happy couple enjoy this special touch to their ceremony but the rest of the wedding party and guests will be happy to snap a few keepsake photos, sharing in the joy of the day.

The style of your desired look can be quite daunting. However, Vita offers a wide range of arbors that will best suit your needs and wants. Please visit our website, for viewing all our styles. From a simple, easy look to a more refined, elegant look. Vita has you covered. 


With our Classic white arbors, you could dress and decorate it to match your weddings color theme. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and every detail contributes to the magical atmosphere you want.

Instead of our flattop design you have seen so far, you may be looking at a more traditional arched top look. With a few to choose from, Vita will help you along the way.


These are simple yet elegant decoration ideas and tips that you can adopt on your own and plan the most memorable day of your life. Everyone dreams of making their wedding day a memorable function, which will always be held close to their hearts by not only the bride and groom but by the rest of the wedding party and all invited guests.
Good luck, have fun, and Vita raises a glass to your journey.